HydroHALT TileBud 3.8M & Sealux-N Silicone Bundle

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3.8mtrs. HydroHALT TileBud 3.8 mtrs. 6mm Backer Rod Backer Rod Wheel 1 Tube Sealux-N 2 Alcohol Wipes 1 Smart Spatula Installation Instructions

This kit is 3.8m of HydroHALT TileBud includes all the components required to complete the installation along with one tube of Sealux-N silicone. HydroHALT TileBud is an advanced upstand seal that has been engineered by the for the for shower trays and baths that is higher performing and more versatile than ‘stick-on’ butyl adhesive strip HydroHALT TileBud is Simple to Install, Ideal for New & Existing Installations Regular, Slimline & Upstand Trays Highly Flexible and Durable Perfect with Tanking System
Sealux recommend to use Sealux-N silicone (or an equivalent neutral curing sanitary grade silicone) with HydroHALT TileBud .
How to Install HydroHALT TileBud

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